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  • Nom d'utilisateur : JoshuaJSlone
  • Nom du wikia : Hello! Project France Wiki
  • Lien du wikia : [1]
  • Nombre de modifications sur le wikia : 375
  • Modifie sur le wikia depuis : Occasionnellement pendant cinq mois. Partiellement Décembre.
  • Dernier administrateur actif : Helloprofrance le 17 janvier 2010.
  • Informations complémentaires :

Biggest strike against me: I am not a French speaker. But I've been an admin at the English Hello! Project Wiki for over a year, and increasingly it's become my project to improve and tie together the H!P wikis of all languages. Mostly being a regular editor at these places is enough for the most important stuff I do, especially since Lua stopped being something admins have to request. None of the languages are nearly as active as the English one, but the French is among the most barren and least-tended, and I think I could spruce the place up quite a bit with access to the admin dashboard. Looking at the list of users, it appears that in 2014 there was one single edit that wasn't from me, my bot account, or Wikia/staff. So I skipped the formality of making a blog post to discuss this with the community. JoshuaJSlone (discussion) décembre 24, 2014 à 15:40 (UTC)

Hello. No problem with English. You can understand that it's always hard to give a non-French-Speaker rights on a French wikia. Given your many edits on the wikia, I think we can trust you and give you admin rights to access admin dashboard and make a background, a wordmark, delete pages, etc... However, as you don't seem to be able to manage a French community (due to language barriers), I won't give you bureaucrat rights. I hope you'll find soon a motivated French-speaker contributor to take care of it along with you, and good luck with the wikia! —Hulothe @fandom décembre 25, 2014 à 19:39 (UTC)
That is fair. Thanks. JoshuaJSlone (discussion) décembre 26, 2014 à 14:10 (UTC)

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